In 2005, NOVA was awarded the “Computer Information System Integration Level 1” qualification and became the leading computer information system integration service provider in China. At present, NOVA has obtained many professional certifications, including Computer Information System Integration Level 1, Information System Operation and Maintenance Sub-item, ISO9001, and ISO20000. NOVA has successfully provided high-performance information-based integrated engineering services to thousands of enterprises, government agencies, and institutions. It has accumulated a large amount of practical experience in project design, construction management and system maintenance. The service areas include infrastructure network, multimedia system, integrated cabling, network security, network monitoring, and storage systems. Combining the company's powerful enterprise dedicated network communication services with information system integration services, NOVA is committed to providing customers with converged ICT integration services.

Smart Campus Park Network Solution

Data Center Construction Solution

Converged Cloud Communication Solution

Airport Collaborative Decision-making Application Solution